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  • The six main things you'll need to get going

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  • What materials to start with

  • Where to run classes and more...

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If running art workshops and classes is something you've been thinking about then this guide is for you.

If you're an artist, or creative in any form or way, there are so many reasons running an art workshop could be good...

  • A fantastic supplementary income in a creative way (and more time for your own art!)
  • Emotionally fulfilling...the kids will ADORE you
  •  It benefits your art as well as you're often playing with materials you wouldn't normally use
  • Working with kids is reliable and lots of fun
  • All the greatest artists throughout history taught, so why not you?

I've been an artist for many, many years, and teaching kids has been a wonderful way for me to have a backup income for my art practice. I've also hired teachers to run classes for me, so I've had lots of experience in all areas of running art workshops.

It's my absolute pleasure to be able to share information with fellow artists to help get them up and running with this guide.

It's so rewarding working with kids, and you can earn good money as well, freeing up your time a little to do your own art, spend time with family or just relax.

Jacqui Grantford, artist and teacher


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