It's crazy how many artists love cats!

Salvidor Dali, Henry Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimpt, Paul Klee are just a few.

(Sadly, no women in the mix, but we are changing that in the twenty-first century and showing the world how incredible women artists are.)

Andy Warhol had 25 felines, each of whom he gave the same name – Sam.

We love cats here as well, and they feature quite regularly throughout the course.

And to celebrate this, we have a sensational shop called Artisticat, that features t-shirts, tops, mugs and a few other things with cats on them.

And they're not just normal cats...they're artist cats!!! And also cool cats.

So check it out!

And for those who like dogs, koalas and chickens, we apologise that we don't feature more of them... we love them too.


Here's Andy Warhol's cat.

(I bet you can guess his name )


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