Frequently Asked Questions

Each week you will receive a new module with a number of lessons. You can move through those lessons at your own pace and once you have them you will have access for a full year. 

This course is for any person who has an interest in the arts...artists, mums, dads, crafty people... who would like to earn money in a creative way teaching kids. 

Yes, absolutely. This course is designed to help creative people who have never taught at all, and also some creative people who have experience teaching. It's even been of value to qualified teachers who are after new methods of teaching that really work.
Sometimes you don't realise that there are things that you can do to make your teaching life easier until you are shown them.

The course covers how to teach as well as what to teach. You'll learn classroom management, so your teaching is as effective as it can possible be, as well as activities and term plans. Plus much more!!

We hope you will be happy! There is a free trial for ten days, and during that time, for any reason at all, you can cancel at any time. Please, simply email us at [email protected] and let us know.

"This is an amazing course — I even make a cameo so it's worth enrolling! You'll learn wonderful things about teaching kids and also get to look at quite a few cat photos."
- Pippin, Cat and child expert


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