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Learn how to teach art to kids

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What you will learn…


  • How to make your life easy when teaching, so you go home and have a glass of wine for the right reasons
  • How to use your language to make a difference when you teach
  • The use of magic tricks that make your teaching so simple - why struggle when you don't need to
  • Special behaviour management skills that ALL teachers need
  • Lessons and activities that are proven to be successful to get you started with your teaching
  • Term plans including lessons for different ages - the work is done for you
  • An understanding of the different learning levels for different ages
  • How to GET students and how to KEEP them
  • Learn what materials you will need to have in your art kit
  • Safety and accountability when teaching art to kids
  • The really fun stuff: Crazy activities and art games that make your classes better than others out there

 There are so many amazing artists out there...whether you're a professional artist regularly exhibiting, or a person who just likes making stuff in your garage, then you're an artist.

And teaching kids art can be a great way to earn money (and the better you are at it, the more money you can make:)) It's a way for you to work at something creative and be in charge of your schedule.

But teaching kids art requires a unique set of skills that people often undervalue.

And not everyone has the time or the money to go out and get a teaching degree to learn the skills you need.

You need to know what activities will work with the kids, and what methods of teaching will get the best results. Jacqui Grantford has been teaching art to kids for years and also hiring artists to take classes. Through this, she has seen all the things that go into making a great teacher. And some of the things that many artists need to learn before they start this fantastic journey.

And it's these teaching skills that you will learn here.

You'll learn what to teach, what activities will work, and what suits different age groups. And very importantly, HOW to teach the kids. It's often just the activities that are covered in art teaching courses, and the HOW is forgotten...but it's SO important. Without these skills, you are making life hard for yourself. These are the skills Jacqui learnt when she studied all those years ago at University with 30 years of experience working with kids and hiring art teachers... and she wants to pass them on to you.

Enrol now to become the best possible art teacher you can be.

Treat yourself to a lifetime of knowledge with this eight week course. Learn skills that will support you in a creative and wonderful way.

"I'm extremely grateful I've had the opportunity to learn from Jacqui's 30+ years of invaluable teaching tips and tricks. She showed me how easy it was to manage dynamically different personalities in fun ways and how to bring out the best in every child.

Jacqui unlocked the mystery of maximising fun classroom management; teaching from a child's perspective and how to make them feel special and encouraged to do their best. I’ve learnt far more from her inspiring positive-reinforcement techniques than I ever did when studying for my teaching degree, during my 10 years of teaching or any professional PD.

She has a magical charm that mesmerises kids yet allows you to maintain firm, fair and friendly class control. Thanks to what I've learnt from Jacqui, I’ve been able to start a successful art-business from home." 

- Ali Hill, Ali Hill Art

"It's been a great pleasure working for Jacqui Grantford as an Art Smart teacher for several years. I was new to the teaching industry, and with her guidance and expertise, she gave me the confidence and skills to manage engaging and inclusive art classes.

Her professional approach and ability to connect with students is inspiring. Jacqui's direct feedback for improving class management was invaluable. Through adopting her teaching techniques, classes were both fun and rewarding for the students and myself. Class numbers grew larger each term, with content, happy students and parents.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jacqui as my employer and mentor,"

- Kirstene Ayers, Artist, Teacher

"I have worked for Jacqui Grantford, author of this course, at Art Smart, where I taught after-school art classes in and around Melbourne, and enjoyed being mentored by Jacqui very much.

As I did not have a teachers degree, Jacqui taught me how to best handle/manage a large group of 18-20 students in a class at any given time.
Many tips on class behaviour management were given to me by watching Jacqui run the class.

Jacqui is not only an inspiration with all that she has achieved but is extremely talented and a gifted artist who takes her career very seriously. My time spent learning from her gave me more confidence to take on other challenges for my future."

- Lee Zielinkski, Artist and Educator

Knowledge for Life

Most artists are either too busy making art or don't want the high fees, to do a full-time education degree. Here you can find lots of tips and tricks that will help you develop some amazing teaching skills without that.

Start Your Creative Career

Who says you shouldn’t work with kids or animals? Teaching kids art puts an end to that myth. And it's a reliable way to earn money in a creative field that is incredibly rewarding. Learn to teach kids art simply and effectively.

Outstanding Content

Learn from an experienced teacher who teaches art to kids. Find out HOW and WHAT to teach kids. Learn from an artist who has been working with children and teachers for over 30 years teaching kids art.

"This is an amazing course — I even make a cameo, so it's worth enrolling! You'll learn wonderful things about teaching kids and also get to look at quite a few cat photos."

- Pippin, Cat and child expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Each week you will receive a new module with a number of lessons. You can move through those lessons at your own pace and once you have them you will have access for a full year. 

The free trial is for 10 days from the date of enrolment. If after that you don't wish to continue, please notify us, and you will not be billed. We want you to be happy!

This course is for any person who has an interest in the arts... artists, mums, dads, crafty people... who would like to earn money creatively by teaching kids.

Yes, absolutely. This course is designed to help creative people who have never taught at all, and also some creative people who have experience teaching. It's even been of value to qualified teachers who are after new methods of teaching that really work. Sometimes you don't realise that there are things that you can do to make your teaching life more manageable until you are shown them.

The course covers how to teach as well as what to teach. You'll learn classroom management, so your teaching is as effective as it can possibly be, as well as activities and term plans. Plus much more!!


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